It’s time to officially introduce my newest assistant @t.glosby
Tristan has been working with me for the past 3 months and has officially completed his 3 month trial period. I’m excited to announce that everything is going great, we both like each other and he will be staying on through the @woodfirenc conference next May.
Aside from being a wheelbarrow model, Tristan is a fantastic person and aspiring potter with a bright future ahead of him.
He’s already done a lot for his age, thanks to folks like @alindsayo and @dan_finnegan_pottery he comes to us with a good knowledge base and good habits.
Definitely give him a follow and see what this year holds for him.
Tristan’s personal studio is at the @clayspaceasheville which is the ceramics collective that I founded nearly 15 years ago in the River Arts District.
He spends one day a week working on his own work and staffing the gallery there and one day a week working with me on whatever crazy project we happen to be working on at the time.
I’ve been working on establishing an assistant program for a number of years now as a way of sharing my resources, paying it forward and showing the next generation a model for how to do this professionally.
It’s also good to get help with all the things I do.
Having an assistant or an apprentice is not as easy as it might seem.
It’s actually a huge responsibility that I take very seriously. It’s also harder than you might think to efficiently have someone help you and I’ve had to create systems for doing things over the years to make that work well.
It’s been a huge learning experience for everyone, but one I’m glad to continue.
Working with someone who has a good attitude like Tristan certainly helps.
I’ve got high hopes for this young man, so stay tuned for more on our adventures together.
#assistanshipprogram #apotterslife #copusassistant

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