Tristan likes what he hears.
My installation at the @bmcmuseum is a collaboration with NYC sound artist @jenn8grossman
She came out to the land and recorded the sounds of that place. The sounds of the natural world that surrounds me while I work. The cacophony of frogs at dusk and the sound of the stream.
She also recorded sounds from the studio. The processes and tools that I used to make these pieces.
We then installed speakers in all the vessels that play back the sounds that have been composed and all mixed together.
All the pieces are raw wild clay. They were transported and installed at the leather hard stage. Each piece is coated in a liquid clay slip.
The opening reception for this work (entitled: Audible Shapes) and the whole Material, Sounds, and Black Mountain College is tonight (Friday June 7th) from 5:30-8.

With @t.glosby
#blackmountaincollegemuseum #blackmountaincollege #apotterslife #materialsound

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