Sweet moments around the fire.
Emily and I always do the first overnight of the firing together. We call it the “sleep fire”… which means she sleeps and I fire.
I actually do get a little sleep. I stoke the kiln every 30 minutes or so. It’s sort of like sleeping with a snooze alarm, except my clock is internal. Sometimes I like to think I’m training for having an infant.
We make a bed and a big pile of wood right next to the kiln so all I have to do is roll over and toss a bit on.
I actually love sleep fire night. It’s feels like camping or being in a pillow fort or something like that.
I’ve thought about preheating with gas on the first overnight but I honestly like candleing with wood. It’s part of our tradition.
I don’t do the 2nd or 3rd overnights of the firing.
I worked the graveyard for years on other people’s kilns. But now that I’m running my own show it’s up to the kids to run the overnight.
But I’m always glad to do the first sleep fire night with my wife and the cat that lives at our land, Jean Claude Meow.
With @carolinaflowrs
#sleepfire #apotterslife #woodfiredceramics #woodfiredpottery
Thanks to @mattwegleitner for being our friend and capturing this sweet moment.

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