Saturday in Madison County.
Sometime around the middle of July we got somewhere close to 10 inches of rain in less than 24 hours in the Brush Creek/Walnut area and down to Barnard and Anderson Branch.
It was so localized we barely got 2 inches in Marshall just 7 miles away.
I was teaching out of town at the time but my wife went to work at the farm the next day unaware that anything was wrong.
It was the worse flooding I’ve seen in my 12 years here.
Tons of driveways destroyed. Culverts overwhelmed.
We are still digging out.
We repaired my neighbors culvert today. He says that was the worse storm since he moved here in 1972.
The thing is it’s only getting worse.
People who still deny climate change are the worse.
You can take all the other issues in the world that people argue about and put them all into a category that is less important than this issue in my opinion.
It’s effecting is all and effects every other issue.
And if you think it doesn’t matter or what make an impact on your life, please reconsider.
We built this new culvert to withstand a 100 year flood.
I hope it lasts more than 10 at this rate.
#apotterslife #madisoncountync

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