I de-installed my work from the recent Material Sound exhibition at the @bmcmuseum today.
The pieces I made were raw clay and designed to be temporal. Only existing for the duration of the exhibition.
The raw clay will be slaked down and returned to its plastic state to become some other shape that will be fired.
I brought one of my big tubs into town to put all the work into.
I figured we should have done fun with it, so we made this video. A passerby on the street named Jadeveon (I think) interested in what we were doing and was game to play along.
It’s a fun moment in time in an increasingly intense and seemingly insane world.
Working with raw clay without attachment to a finished outcome is a good reminder to keep it all in perspective and not take everything so seriously.
It’s fun and liberating to take your own art and chuck it into a big tub over the head of a random dude on the sidewalk in downtown Asheville.
I feel like we hit the winning shot on this one y’all!!!
Thanks for playing along Black Mountain College Museum.
I hope all y’all in Oz appreciate this little ditty @caleb_k
And @jenn8grossman up in NYC!
#performanceart #materialsound #apotterslife #blackmountaincollege

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