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The brick factory loves the kids. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty (most of them). They routinely make the most interesting bricks. They rarely feel the pressure to say something profound with the bricks, like a lot of adults do, and because of that they make the most profound bricks.
Most importantly they are the future. It brings me great joy to offer a positive creative experience to children. I remember things like this making a huge impact on me when I was young. I believe you can make a difference in the world this way.
And my most favorite thing is the idea that these children will grow up and always have a brick that they made here in Marshall. They will always have a connection to this place. They can come back and find their bricks and say things like “that’s my brick I made when I was a kid!!”
That makes me happen to think about and makes this whole crazy project worthwhile. 📸 by @simplylivingmore by @carlyalbee
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