More thoughts from Arrowmont.
Bill Griffith is one of the best people in the world and he has a great collection of pots. A total highlight was having the whole class over to his house. We played “pot on the spot” where each student picked a pot from the collection and then we guessed who made it and then we all talked about it. It’s such a great learning opportunity. My class was pretty young so the majority of my students don’t know who folks like Michael Simon are… but they do know after seeing Bill demonstrate how well this teapot pours!
We also went swimming.
We fired the wood kiln (which was the plan) AND we fired the soda kiln which was a bonus.
Someone said that’s never been done in a class before, I don’t know if that true or not, but I do know that it’s a testament to how enthusiastic and engaged most of the students were.
We took an old tyme photo that is awesome. We also designed an airbrush class t-shirt.
People smiled, laughed, and made life long friends.
We really pushed hard to unload the kiln by Thursday so we could participate in the open studio event and have a whole day to discuss and practice cold working.
I made a really good friend Peter Park who makes guitars and we made bricks together.
It was exhausting but the students who really get it and become inspired make it all worth doing.
Thanks to @arrowmont_school for being a place where all this can happen.
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