In case some folks didn’t know, probably the biggest thing I’m doing right now is renovating the @oldmarshalljail with my 3 business partners.
It’s definitely the craziest thing I’ve done in a life full of doing fairly crazy things. Anyone who has been inside will attest to that.
The truth is I love it. Even though it’s exhausting and hard and everything is messed up and all that.
I love this building and I love the town that it is in and I know that we will look back on this with pride for the amazing thing we accomplished.
I know that to be true.
This whole project has been a testament to faith.
Today a really big thing happened.
We got our loan approved!!!!
Up to this point we have been financing the whole project internally. It’s been great because it allows us to move more deliberately and spend the time to really think through things and prepare for the time when things move faster.
Well, it seems that time is about to be upon us.
As they says, “shit is about to get real”
It’s about time to start the clock!!!
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