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We started a flower farm!! It’s awesome.
Check out @carolinaflowers_ it’s definitely worthy of a follow.
There will be lots of pictures of pottery with flowers in it… we promise.
I’ve been working on the gardens out at the land and interested in growing flowers for years…but this year Emily and I have decided to take it to the next level…well mostly Emily. So we rented a 3 acre field in the neighborhood, started a grow room in our basement, bought a tractor, and went for it. We are still growing flowers in the gardens at the pottery but the field will help us meet the demand for cut flowers…(I have a problem cutting them from the land when they bloom. I really just want to enjoy them for myself)
It’s a natural match for the pottery business and a big part of our grand life plan. We are excited, and a little overwhelmed, but mostly just happy to be working towards something we both love.
We made a website. It’s flowersnc.com
I appreciate all the support and interest I receive on the internet for my ceramics and I hope that people will support and remain interested in our new endeavor.
It’s going to be a beautiful life. I’m sure of that much.
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