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Registration is open for WoodfireNC and the regional pre-conferences at WoodfireNC.com

We’ve been working hard to put together the best conference possible. Check it out and see what you think. We would love for you to come.
We are having a really exciting pre-conference up here in the mountains as well, June 1st-7th. We are firing 9 different kilns at 7 sites. Plus lots of exhibitions, demonstrations, studio tours, and parties.
This whole thing has been a ton of work and the best reward I could ask for is to share in a joyous celebration with all my friends… so ya’ll come on and get signed up!!! With @woodfirenc @williambakerpottery @bandanapottery @hollomoncookceramics @micahmakespots @alixb.alixb @joeymakespots @mattwegleitner @akirasatake @joytannerpottery @shanemickeypottery @stephensonwoodfiredpottery @willdickertceramics @ericknochestudio @perryhaasceramics @davidpetersceramics @ridgelinepottery @jkhappenings @kevin_lips @tomalward @courtneymartinpotter @sedberrypottery @dian.magie @spistudios
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