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Barn days with @micahmakespots I’ve been thinking a lot about mentorship recently. How the learning and teaching of skills actually happens and what skills are valuable to someone who wants to make a life as a potter. I wrote about this a lot in my recent article in the Log Book.

About making a place and how I didn’t have any of the skills to do that when I started out. I knew how to make pottery because I studied it. But I hadn’t bothered to study barn building because I failed to realize how much barn building I would actually be doing and how much I’d be investing in well pumps. I didn’t even own a shovel of a hammer when I started my land project.

It turns out that those types of tools get as much or more use that the tools in the studio.

Micah has been working with me one day a week for a month now. We haven’t done anything in the studio yet.

It’s mostly been wood prep and construction projects. I hope that someday these skills are valuable to him because they certainly have been to me, and it would have been nice to have a better understanding of them before starting out. The reality of my world and how I make things certainly has more to do with this type of work that actual studio making. This is a potters life. #barndays #landproject #apotterslife #buildingcommunity

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