The addition to the clay barn is complete. It’s a good feeling to get this crossed off the list.
It’s become one of my favorite barns on the land. It’s a really interested space that is terraced into the hillside. It especially feels good when it’s empty.
Figured I’d share an image before I fill it up with stuff.
The whole land project is an exercise in order of operations.
I’m actually trying to build a gallery right now but in order to do that I need to dry in the assistant studio so I can bring power to that building, but in order to dry in the studio I need to finish the clay barn addition so I could move all the materials out of the studio building.
I swear it makes sense.
It’s exhausting but ultimately it’s going to work out and it’s gonna look great for Flowers + Clay in July!!!!
#flowersandclay #apotterslife #landproject

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