A lot of times my friends ask me what I’ve been doing, and I’ll tell them that I’m renovating the old jail that we own… and they’ll say something to the effect of “but what are you doing artistically?”… and I’ll say “I’m renovating the old jail that we own” because that is what I’m doing artistically!!!
A lot of people know me as a potter and that’s great. I love pottery and I’ll always make pottery.
But I knew a long time along that pottery alone was not going to satiate my creative needs.
And I also knew that creative thinking is a great asset… more so than most people give it credit for… and that art is really about problem solving and that type of thinking can get directed towards anything I want it to.
I use the same skill set when I’m working on the jail that I use in my pottery studio. It’s the same to me.
Everything is the Art.
The jail is most definitely the Art.
I’ve been working on figuring out how to make Art about and with this place since the day we bought it.
I had a big breakthrough today.
I’ve been messing around with this idea for a bit and today it just clicked.
We are taking everything in the jail back to its original surface. That means removing a LOT of paint.
I’m always thinking about how materials behave, how to preserve the character of this place while also changing it into not a jail, and how to combine all of that thinking into something interesting and creative.
Basically, I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with all this paint!
I figured out how to “harvest” big areas of it from the metal.
The surfaces are incredible and it records the years of graffiti in really interesting abstract ways.
It’s kinda like a “readymade” painting.
Anyway, it felt like it was cool so I figured I’d share it with the internet.
#oldmarshalljailproject #oldmarshalljail #apotterslife #creativethinking

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