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We finally completed the monument yesterday.
Right now it feels like a monument to perseverance.
11 days after we were told to remove it from the gallery it now stands in a field in Madison County.
We worked through bitter cold, snow, and plenty of mud.
January is the worst time to do an outdoor installation of this scale.
This whole experience has turned my life upside down. I’m exhausted. I’ve had to cancel other plans to work on this project. Instead of beginning the year rested, I’m tired and behind schedule.
I had to do it though. This work is too important. We had to build this piece. It’s our responsibility to all the people who made it.
When I packed everything up from the gallery 11 days ago it was so unbelievably sad. I knew the only way that I could heal myself and do justice to this work was to build it in a field. Somewhere free and the exact opposite of the gallery setting. That would be the antidote to everything that had just happened to me.
So here it is. The vision is manifest. My side of the bargain upheld.
Many thanks to all the wonderful folks at Woodson Branch and to everyone who came out to help with the installation.
We will be scheduling an opening reception for this work at some point in March. Keep your eyes peeled for more details.
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