The brick factory will be making a special appearance at Mayfest, which is the Community Housing Coalition’s (@chcmadco) annual fundraising event and party May 4th.
We will be making bricks from 6-8pm at ReClaim Madison.
For all those folks who missed the opportunity to make a brick for the Old Marshall Jail Monument… this is your chance.
Go to chcmadisoncountync.org to get tickets.
It’s a organization that dies important work in our community and Mayfest is an event worthy of supporting.
For anyone who doesn’t know CHC is reopening the old Coal and Feed hardware store in downtown Marshall as a retail location for hardware and donated building supplies. Big plans are in the works for the future.
If your interested in learning more, just go down there and check it out in person!!! (Or you can google ReClaim Madison and read about it on the internet.
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