I find myself constantly looking for patterns and textures in my environment and collecting them like an explorer documenting a new land. If your looking at the world through the right lens you can find beauty in lots of things that most people would miss. The contrasting colors of two dumpsters in a parking lot, the way a hinge on a door fastens to it’s frame, the corrugated metal on a fisherman’s shack, or a old stump. Noticing and collecting these images has been a lifelong pursuit of mine, but it becomes especially heightened when I’m traveling. Like most people my daily life is busy, full of routines, and sometimes I get to accustomed to the landscape that surrounds me that I stop really looking. It’s all very different when I’m traveling though, everyday is an adventure, and every landscape is a new world, and all the details become much easier for me to notice.
These images represent the second round of my patterns and textures of Tasmania series. They are from our recent road trip up to Reedy Marsh in the northern part of the state. On the way back we took the long road through the mountains and spent a couple of hours exploring the Great Lakes region in the central plateau of Tasmania. Most of these images were gathered from my exploration of the shoreline and the lakes surrounding area.