I’m going to Italy on Tuesday for a wedding. It’s a kinda fancy wedding so I had to buy a new suit. I don’t buy a lot of new suits (3 in my lifetime) so when I do I like to go to a physical place and have a suit buying experience, in person, with people and not on the internet.
This is a picture I sent to Emily to see if she liked this one. Navy with subtle pin striping. It’s kinda my jam.
This is just one of the things thats going on in my life right now.
I used to share lots of stuff like this on Instagram. Stories. Images. Things that happened. Things that I thought were interesting.
I was a pretty early adopter of Instagram. I loved it. Sharing pictures and telling stories but I’ve been super over it for a while now.
My feed is full of people trying to sell me stuff. Everything is so considered and curated. It feels mostly just feels like advertising.
What’s worse is it feels like a chore. Like something that I have to do and have to think about doing. Every. Day.
I just hit a turning point where I decided not to worry. I decided that I’m just going to go back to the way I am in real life and share the things that I think are interesting or whatever is happening at any one moment. And say whatever and not think of it as marketing or as part of my job or whatever this thing has become a lot of people.
That’s my truth.
#tellitlikeitis #imgoingtoitaly #honeybadgerdontcare

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In the garden. Pathway. Detail of how bricks and rocks fit together. #workinginthegarden #landproject #buildingcommunity #apotterslife

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