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So one of the things we did with the Mobile Anagama Invitational was partner with the Wedge Brewery which shares the parking lot with the event space. Everyone who bought a cup was given a ticket, which they could redeem at the Wedge to fill that cup up with beer. We wanted to offer something extra with the cup, but what we wanted to really do was conduct an experiment, which was about expanding the realm of use for handmade ceramics into unusual areas. I consider this component of the project to be a huge success. Every person who bought a cup today became an advocate for that cup. The shared the message of our work with a completely unsuspecting audience. It was awesome to see a bunch of people using and talking about handmade pottery in the brewery today. Here, bartender Joel serves me a Iron Rail in my new @henrycrissman cup. #mobileanagama #themobileanagama #woodkiln #woodfiredceramics #apotterslife #community #communitybuilding

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