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I love loading but it’s by far the most stressful part of the woodfiring process for me. It’s a big kiln and we load all 3 chambers at the same time in 2 days. It’s a bit hectic. Lots of problem solving and planning goes into the load and because the loading is so essential to creating the surfaces on the finished work it’s really important that we do it right. You want to take your time But there is always some kind of deadline looming in the distance and we have to start on time or the whole schedule gets thrown off.
It’s all a bit stressful for me.
But once the fire is lit it’s a huge relief. Then it’s just the firing. It has its own schedule. It doesn’t need to go fast. The beginning candle is actually quite relaxing.
This is my view from the captains chair on the first morning. It doesn’t get old.
As we near 50 firings on this kiln it’s still exciting. So much potential.
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